Crowfoot Farms

Chris Stovall Activites

Did you know that there are only two certified organic strawberry farms in the greater Puget Sound that offer a pick-your-own option and Crowfoot Farm here on Lopez is one of them? How lucky is that for those of us who refuse all but the fragrant, flavorful, fully ripe organically grown local strawberries—and want the savings of picking them ourselves!

I talked with Elf Fay and Eric Hall, owners of Crowfoot Farm, to learn more about why they raise strawberries organically and why they offer the pick-your-own option. I also learned what and how many strawberry varieties they grow and when and where to pick or pick up these luscious, seasonal treats.

By raising strawberries organically, Elf and Eric explained, they provide berries free of pesticides, especially methyl bromide, a gas used in conventional strawberry farming. Shaking his head, Eric explained that “methyl bromide eliminates everything: weeds, insects and fungus.” Then he pointed to a passage in Harvard M.D. Andrew Weil’s book,The Healthy Kitchen, where Weil writes: “I do not eat conventional strawberries because they contain methyl bromide, a known cancer-causing pesticide, applied to the soil, taken up by the plant, and impossible to wash off the fruit.”