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Catching Dungeness Crabs by Kayak 🦀 CATCH & COOK on Lopez Island

Miss Mina’s Youtube channel captures the coolest and most unique travel and foodie destinations in Asia, taking viewers on a beautiful and fun journey. While the destinations are breathtaking, we think the most special aspect of this channel is the relationship Miss Mina has with her mom and travel partner, Mommy Oh. 

With international travel on pause right now, Miss Mina has been visiting locales near her hometown of Seattle. Join Miss Mina in a two part YouTube series while visiting Edenwild Inn on Lopez Island, Washington. 

In Episode one, Miss Mina and Mommy Oh go crabbing and kayaking with Edenwild! Watch as they show you how to catch Dungeness Crabs and Red Rock Crabs on Lopez Island, WA. 

After a chilly but rewarding paddling session, we cook the crabs at the Edenwild Kitchen and enjoy them plain and also in a delicious Crab Toast with Aioli. 

Kayak crabbing is a unique experience we offer our guests and our kayak launch is just steps away from the Edenwild, right on Fishermans Bay, Lopez Island. 

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MUST TRY SHARK RECIPE Catch and Cook Spiny Dogfish 🦈

Check out Outdoor Chef Life’s Lopez Island adventure in a two part Youtube series.

Taku, a sushi chef, has combined his skills in the kitchen with his passion for foraging sustainable fare along the coast. Jocelyn works to film and edit plus enjoys Taku’s unique culinary creations.

While most of his episodes are based in the Bay Area, Taku heads up to Lopez Island, one of the San Juan Islands, to fish and crab our pristine waters.

In this episode Taku takes you through a few steps that you must do immediately after catching a Spiny Dogfish Shark to ensure the meat is of the best quality. Bringing his catch into the Edenwild kitchen, Taku uses a red wine base to create a mild and extremely tender meat.

Most fishermen in the Puget Sound consider these little sharks to be nuisance catch. Taku shows that when prepared right, they become some of the best tasting fish in the Puget Sound. With a healthy population in our area, catching and eating Spiny Dogfish is also a very sustainable fare.

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THE BEST OPEN FIRE CRAB DISH | Dungeness Crab Catch And Cook 🦀

In this episode of Outdoor Chef Life’s Lopez Island adventure, Taku and Jocelyn hit the water on Edenwild kayaks and spend the day crabbing.

Paddling out into fisherman’s Bay they let a crab pot soak and paddle to the shores of Fisherman’s Bay Preserve. There, Taku casts fishing rod with a crab snare attached, a tiny trap with nylon snares that entangle a crab when reeled in.

For this dish, Taku headed to Odlin Park’s sandy beach where he prepares a crab dip dish cooked over a driftwood fire. We can tell you that this crab dip tastes as good as it looks!

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Virtual baking with The Edenwild Inn 🧁

Every morning Chef Jackie is busy in the Edenwild Kitchen creating scratch baked pastries and baked goods for your breakfast.

Jackie has always had a passion for baking and even as a kid she would jump at the chance to bake a cake for a friend’s birthday. This culinary passion led Jackie to the number one Culinary School in America, the Culinary Institute of America at Hyde Park, NY.

Chef Jackie’s motivation for baking has remained the same to this day. She likes to make people smile with sweet treats and Edenwild guests get to enjoy her baked goods each morning.

In this Savor the San Juans Video, Jackie takes you through the steps of making individual bundt cakes. The San Juan Islands are a wonderful place to escape the real world and relax.

If you are looking for things to do on Lopez Island or any of the other islands in the San Juans, check out the San Juan Islands Visitors Bureau.

Visit Lopez Island Washington

Learn what makes Lopez Island a unique travel destination in a video brought to you by the San Juan Islands Visitors Bureau and the Lopez Island Chamber of Commerce.

Life on Lopez is slower paced. As a visitor, the moment you get on the ferry you will be on island time. Lopez is all about getting outside. Enjoy epic hikes, biking and kayaking.

Or visit one of our island’s local farms. While only a short drive from Seattle, Tacoma, or Portland, we feel much further away.

To learn more about Lopez Island, WA be sure to check out the San Juan Visitors Bureau’s website for things to do in the San Juan Islands.