Top 5 Beaches on Lopez Island

Your visit to Lopez Island isn’t complete until you visit some of our island’s sandy beaches. There are so many to choose from and each offers a different experience. As islanders, we cherish our beach time. Check out the top 5 Lopez Island Beaches and a little islander advice to help you enjoy them even more!

Odlin Park Beach

Lopez island top beach is odlin
Odlin County Park has the best kid friendly beach in all of the San Juan Islands.

Odlin Park screams summer fun and it is hard to find a better sandy beach in all the San Juan Islands. Park right at the shoreline, pack a picnic, and grill right on the beach as the kids splash in the chilly water. Odlin features a boat launch, dock, and coastal trails. Learn more about all that Odlin Park has to offer including the best campsites here.

Islander Advice- Odlin is by far the best family beach on Lopez Island. An island tradition is jumping off the Odlin dock but be careful as the water is ice cold.

Lopez Island Village Beaches

top beaches on lopez island
Town beach is a sandy little gem that is perfect to catch the sunset.

Lopez Village offers two tiny beaches for you to enjoy and they are close enough together that we will count them as one beach for this blog. The first beach is across from Haven Restaurant and a stairway gets you to its sandy shore. This Lopez Village Beach offers one of the best spots on Lopez island to watch the sunset. The second beach is actually a kayak launch at the mouth of Fisherman’s Bay. A picnic table allows you to sit and watch the boat traffic entering and exiting the Bay.

Islander Advice- Playful seals can almost always be found playing in the water just offshore while an eagle is often perched on the Aid to Navigation at the mouth of the bay. Fisherman’s Bay is a great place to kayak and Edenwild Adventures is happy to get you on the water at this spot.

Otis Perkins Beach

Lopez island beach
Beach on Lopez Island

At half a mile long, Otis Perkins Beach is one of the longest stretches of beach in the San Juan Islands. The beach follows a narrow causeway that makes up the western side of Fishermans Bay. Bay Shore Road runs in the center of this causeway and offers views of both the beach and the bay. Beach goers have the option of walking the shore or the road. Shorebirds flock to this part of the island so be sure to have your camera ready.

Islander Advice-Ois Perkins is an excellent spot to watch the sunset, but Lopez Islanders love to walk the beach late at night to stargaze.

Watmough Bay Beach

Watmough bay is a top beach on lopez island.
Watmough Beach is a charming little sandy cove.

This Lopez Island beach begins with a short wooded trail. A flat path leads to cove beach bordered by a steep rock face on one side and a coastal forest on the other that perfectly frames snow capped Mt. Baker on clear days. Watmough Beach is a perfect picnic beach so pack some goodies and enjoy. Low tide is a great time to check out the tide pools!

Islander Advice-The sign for Watmough is fairly small so keep your eyes peeled for the entrance on the left of the road. A small, unmarked trail can take experienced hikers to the top of Watmough Buff for a truly breathtaking view.

Spencer Spit State Park Beach

Top beaches on Lopez island
lopez island has so many wonderful beaches.

A five minute walk from the parking lot brings you to a perfect Lopez Island beach for combing or splashing in the waves. Pack a picnic, or grill on the many fire rings and picnic tables. Car travelers will need to buy a day pass if they don’t have a Discovery Pass. Spencer Spit State Park Beach on Lopez Island has it all.

Islander Advice- In the center of the spit is a shallow that empties into the sound on the North side of the spit. On a low tide, you can loop back to the parking lot by walking around the entire spit.


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