Lopez Island Bike Map: Tour De Lopez

Lopez Island Bike Trail: Tour De Lopez (31mi +1,986ft/ -1,986ft)

The Tour De Lopez is a non-competitive bike ride on Lopez Island that is an annual event open to all rides. This year, the tour is on Saturday, April 27th, 2024. Even if you don’t get a chance to ride the official event this year, following its route is a great way to tour Lopez Island!

The Tour de Lopez bike trail was designed by Islanders to give you the best biking on the island. Expect a nice mix of rural country roads and coastal views. The Tour De Lopez Long Route starts at the Ferry Landing and ends at the Edenwild Inn. Here is a link to an Interactive Lopez Island Bike Map. Edenwild offers Lopez Island bike rentals, so you can enjoy this ride if you don’t bring your own bike.


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Edenwild Rentals: Lopez Island Bike Trails Tour de Lopez

Welcome to Lopez Island (Mile 1-2)

Mile 1-3: The first leg of this Lopez Island ride starts at the Lopez Ferry Landing and is the island’s first steep grade. This is a short climb from sea level, and the rest of the ride will be more pleasant. At mile one, you will pass by Odlin County Park, which has a great beach and a perfect place to eat a picnic lunch. Learn more about Odlin here. Mile three will find you on Port Stanley Road in front of Lopez Island’s smallest beach called Swifts Bay Beach. 

Cattle and Sheep and Peacocks, Oh My! (Mile 4-8)  

Mile 4-8: This leg on the Tour De Lopez Route will take you through the largest stretch of Lopez Island Farmland. Cattle and sheep will dot the fields, and you might even see Ken from Horse Drawn Farms working the land with his team of draft horses. By Mile 6, you will be pedaling through a coastal forest that shades both sides of the road. A flock of peacocks wanders freely through these woods, so don’t be alarmed if you hear their haunting calls!  By mile 7.5, the forest will open back up to Lopez Farmland as you make your rolling descent past our island’s school. 

Center of Lopez Island Plus the Best Bagels in the West! (Mile 9-12) 

tour de lopez

Mile 9-12: On this leg of your journey, you will find yourself in the middle of Lopez Island. After a short ride on Center Road, our island’s main road, you will be back on quiet country roads. At mile 10, you will see a wetland that is a favorite stopping ground for flocks of migratory birds. At mile 10.5, you will pass North Star Farm. North Star grows and mills its own Lopez wheat varieties so that it can serve donuts and bagels each Saturday at the Edenwild Inn. We challenge you to find a better bagel west of New York or Montreal—trust us, they are that good! Miles 11 and 12 will take you past more Lopez Island Farmlands and a boneyard of island farm equipment. 

A Magical Lopez Island Farm and the Perfect Agate (Mile 13-17)

Mile 13-17: At mile 13.5, you will pass one of the most charming island farms that overlook Jones Bay. At mile 14.5, you will turn onto Mud Bay road, the South end of the Islands main through road. Your trip on Mud Bay Road will end at mile 15.5 as you turn onto Mackaye Harbor Road. At mile 16, you will begin to ride along some of the prettiest stretches of beach on Lopez Island. By Mile 17, you will make it to Agate Beach. Here, islanders spend lazy summer days searching for perfectly round agates shaped by the lapping waves. The sounds of rolling agates in the surf are soothing and invigorating while you comb the beach. Agate Beach is just a little over the halfway point of this ride. 

Retracing Tracks and an Irish Blessing (Mile 18-27)

Mile 18-27: Mile 18 begins your journey through mostly forested roads until you pop back out on Mudd Bay Road at mile 20.5. At this point, you are tracing some of the routes that you have previously traveled until you turn onto Davis Bay at mile 20.5 Davis Bay Road. Davis Bay is a nice mix of open farmland and shady forests. On mile 27, you will pass Center Church and an idyllic little chapel. This church would be just as at home in the countryside of Ireland as on Lopez Island. 

Descending to Fishermans Bay and Lopez Island Village (Mile 28-31) 

By mile 28, you are back on Fishermans Bay Road and heading back to the quaint Village of Lopez Island. At mile 29, you are rewarded with a ½ mile descent that ends with an amazing view of the water. Next, your journey continues on a stretch of road that follows the inside shore of Fishermans Bay and the hub of Maritime traffic on the island. A left on Lopez Road ends your Tour De Lopez Bike trail in front of the Edenwild Boutique Inn at mile 31. 

Congratulations! You completed our most famous Lopez Island bike ride! 


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