Hey Seattle, Make Lopez Island Your Spring Getaway

Seattle Spring Getaway to Lopez Island at Edenwild

If you’re suffering from cabin fever in the New Year, consider planning your spring getaway to Lopez Island, one of the enchanting San Juan Islands. By March, Lopez Island bursts into life with bright yellow daffodils and fuzzy lambs popping up everywhere. While spring in the Northwest is typically wet, the island receives only half as much rain as Seattle. So, trade those wet city sidewalks for rocky coastal nature trails. When the rain starts to pour, or as the sun sets over the island, head back to a cozy room at Edenwild Boutique Hotel. Let’s explore what you can do to make your spring getaway to Lopez Island the perfect cure for your cabin fever.

Hike the Coast this Spring

Spring flowers lopez island

There’s nothing like a long spring hike to shake off that cooped-up feeling. The Iceberg Point hike offers some of the best views in the San Juan Islands. This hike takes you around the perimeter of a wild coastal peninsula on the south end of the island. Iceberg Point, named after a towering bluff shaped during the last ice age, promises no ice or snow here in spring. Instead, you’ll find wildflower meadows covering most of the peninsula. In spring, these meadows burst with blooming wildflowers like Camas and Chocolate lilies. As you hike, keep an eye on the coast, as Iceberg Point is a favorite spot for seals, sea lions, and Orca whales. For more information on Iceberg Point and other Lopez Island hikes, click here.

Lamb Watching Tour

Sheep Lopez island Seattle spring  getaway

Each spring, the pastures of Lopez Island become dotted with beautiful spring lambs. Momma sheep usually have two lambs each, and as they grow, a mini flock of baby lambs forms, reminiscent of toddlers at a playground. Watching these baby flocks dart around the pastures is a sight of pure cuteness. Most of the farms on Lopez can be found by driving through the interior of the island. Don’t forget to stop at the many farmstands, for island ground fare. For an up-close experience with lambs, check out the Lopez Island Lopez Lamb, Wool & Goat Festival held each May.

Fire-Grilled Oysters Beachside

beach fire oysters

While summer is known for beach bonfires at night on the islands, afternoon beach fires in the spring are perfect for staying warm when there’s still a chill in the air. A fun island tradition is cooking oysters on fire rings at Odlin Park or Spencer Spit. If it’s low tide and you’re into beach foraging for oysters, be sure to check the shellfish safety map. Alternatively, stop by the local grocery store to pick up these shelled delicacies and consider grabbing a bottle of our island’s local hot sauce, Chicaoji. When grilling oysters on the beach, get a good bed of hot coals in the fire ring, place the grill over the coals, and toss on the unshucked oysters. In about 15 minutes, your oysters should pop open. Discard any that don’t and they’re ready to eat. Add a little lemon or hot sauce to taste. Now, you’re dining like a spring islander!

Tour de Lopez Bike Ride

April marks the return of bike riders to the island. Many bikers choose to leave their cars in Anacortes and opt for a ride around the island, creating a steady stream of cyclists heading to and from the ferry landing each day. Lopez is the most popular destination for bikers in the San Juan Islands thanks to its gentle rolling roads with light car traffic. There are plenty of bike rental options on the island, too. The biggest biking event, the Tour de Lopez, happens during the last weekend of April. It’s not a race, but a series of group rides with courses for all levels of bikers. So dust off your bicycle and get ready for that perfect spring ride on the island.

After a Day of Fun, Cozy Up in Your Room at Edenwild

After a day of exploring, Edenwild offers the perfect room to cozy up in. This 10-room Boutique hotel, and cottages, is right in the heart of Lopez Village. Choose from a private suite or a cute cottage. For a fireplace and a soaking tub, check out rooms 2, 4, and 6. For amazing spring sunsets over the water, room 5 is the one to book. In the morning, wake up restored to the soft sounds of gulls in the distance. Enjoy fresh ground coffee in your room or opt for a latte from the Island Espresso across the street. Let Edenwild help you shake off those Seattle winter blues.

spring getaway from seattle at lopez island edenwild

To wrap it up, Lopez Island is a hidden gem just a short trip away from Seattle, perfect for your spring escape. It’s a place where nature comes alive in the spring, offering a picturesque retreat with less rain and more charm. Picture yourself hiking through blooming wildflower meadows at Iceberg Point, delighting in the playful antics of spring lambs, and savoring fresh, fire-grilled oysters by the beach. The island’s laid-back vibe continues with the scenic Tour de Lopez bike ride, making it an ideal destination for both relaxation and adventure. And when the day winds down, Edenwild Boutique Hotel awaits with its cozy and inviting rooms. So, for a spring filled with nature, comfort, and a touch of island magic, Lopez Island is the spot to be. Trust me, you won’t want to leave!


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