Lopez Island North End Bike Ride plus Map

Lopez Island North End Bicycle Loop (8.3 miles, 457 ft)

The North end of Lopez Island Bike Ride is a nice island loop for the casual bicyclist. If you are coming from the Ferry landing, you will add 2 miles to this route. Route highlights include Hummel Lake, North End Farmlands, beachside rides, shady old-growth forests and the seaside village of Lopez. This Lopez Bike Ride map is broken down mile by mile. You can download a map and cue sheet on your Smartphone from Ridewithgps.com. If you find yourself bike-less on Lopez Island, Edenwild has a nice selection of rental bicycles for you to enjoy. If you want to learn more about the Tour de Lopez Bike Event and route click here.  

Lopez Island North End Bicycle Loop Map

A Hill to Climb and a Lake to Paddle (Mile 1)

To begin Lopez Island bike ride, you will leave Lopez Village by briefly traveling on Lopez Road on the way to Fishermans Bay Road. Make sure to shift to a low gear after a quick left on Hummel Lake Road as you will be pedaling a short but steep 7% ascent. A mile into the ride, you will see Hummel lake on your right. While you have only been peddling a little over a mile at this point, the park at Hummel Lake is a nice spot to make a pit stop. The rickety fleet of row boats and canoes are free to use, but make sure you wear a life jacket, which we also provide. Pedaling onto mile 1.5, Barn Owl Bakery is worth a stop. Nathan and Sage bake bread fresh daily with wheat they grow right here on Lopez Island.

Real Horse Power on Lopez Island! (Miles 2-3)

Mile 2 of this Lopez Island bike ride starts on Port Stanley Road. You will now bicycle through some of the prettiest farmland on Lopez Island. At Mile 2.5, you’ll visit Horse Drawn Farm, aptly named for the team of horses farmer Ken uses to work the land. Here, you will also find the best farm-stand on Lopez Island. A long country driveway takes you to an idyllic barn with the farm stand inside. There, you will find all sorts of fresh island grown veggies, fruits and meats. 

North End’s Sandy Shores by Bike (Miles 4-5)  

Mile 4 begins at Swift’s Bay Beach, one of the tiniest public beaches in Washington State. This is a great place to employ your bike’s kickstand and enjoy this sandy little Lopez gem. Mile 5 begins at the intersection of Port Stanley and Ferry Road. If you go straight, you will enter Odlin Park which is home to the nicest sandy beaches in the San Juan Islands. A favorite with locals and tourists alike. 

A Fork in the Road and a Magical Labyrinth Walk (Mile 6)

Mile 6 will bicycle past a few more Lopez island farms and two more points of interest. Mile 5.8 is home to the Fork in the Road Farmstand where you will find a variety of meats and produce from many of our island farms, it’s like our island’s mini food hub and is a great spot to stop and stretch. Across the street, the Whispers of Nature Labyrinth offers a meditative stroll through a medicinal garden labyrinth. Owners, Nick and Susie, lovingly tend this space and offer an assortment of products made from the plants.

When you reach Mile 6.5, you will turn onto Military road which features both farm and forested views. At mile 6.8, you will climb another short but steep grade through old growth forest. At the top. you will begin one of the most rewarding downhill bike runs on Lopez Island. Expect peekaboo views of Fishermans Bay as your bike descends through a shady island forest.  

Shady Forest Coast to the Lopez Island Coast! (Mile 7-8) 

At mile 7, the forest will open up to Lopez Island Farmland which gradually leads to Lopez Island Village. At mile 8, you are back at The Edenwild Boutique Inn. Congratulations, you have finished the Lopez Island Northend Bike Loop!  


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