Lopez to Anacortes Ferry Schedule and Car Quotas (March 24-June 15)

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3:05pm35-40 Sun/holiday only
Lopez Island to Anacortes Ferry Schedule and Car Quotas

Lopez to Anacortes Ferry Schedule and Car Quotas Explained

Cars leaving Lopez Island and returning to Anacortes cannot make a ferry reservation. It is a first come, first served system. The smaller the car quota, the longer the wait. A large summer quota of 80-100 plus cars generally requires being in line no less than one hour ahead of the sailing time. Morning sailings with very low quotas may require over two hours of lead time. If you are trying to catch an early morning ferry with a low quota, one strategy is to get in line for the ferry that leaves before the ferry you want to catch. This way, you might make it on the earlier ferry or be one of the first cars in line for the ferry you wanted to take. Afternoon ferries generally require much shorter wait times and often do not fill. All holiday weekends require much longer wait times; prepare to get in line as early as possible. Bring snacks and drinks, as there are no food services at the ferry landing. We suggest you get to the ferry landing early and hike the Penny Lane trail, leading to some wonderful lookouts (45-60 mins.) Or, pack a picnic and enjoy the views on the rock bluffs to the right of the ferry parking lot. Remember that the ferries may load up 20 minutes before leaving the dock. *Expect delays, especially for sailings later in the day. For more information about the ferry that travels between the islands, check out Inner Island Ferry San Juan Islands Explained.


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